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Thnx for dropping by!^^
Here you can follow my journey while I'm in Hong Kong, so please feel free to visit often!

<3, Jenny

New blog

2011 March 29
Posted by C.Y.

Hi there! Thanks for still lookin’ up this blog! I’m keeping a new blog, so if you wanna keep track on me:

Take care!

My life in HK!

2010 May 31
Posted by C.Y.

Got a request for writing MORE and put MORE pictures on my blog! Haha I’ll start with writing MORE.

Well, a lot of you asked me ‘So Jenny, how’s life in HK? Are you used to it already?’ Let me tell you about ‘ how life is in HK’.

My life in HK:

I have to tell you I’ve adapted very well in the HK lifestyle. I look as busy as the people here=p Haha But I tend to still have that ‘tourist’-look, because of my actions and curiosity for things.

I know my ‘real’ life is in Holland, and despite all the busy people in HK, loud cars, constant smog, humid air, mosquito bites, Euro dropping like crazy (T__T), I have to say I’ll miss HK when I go back. I really like the nice people at work, and I got used to most of the things here. Haha BTW, have I mentioned I have like 10 mosquito bites on my legs? Gotta love nature~

Before I went to HK, everyone told me ‘Oh! You’re so lucky going to HK for your internship!’, and it’s true. I am lucky. And I’ve appreciated it every day, and the coming day’s I’ll have to appreciate more. I still have 3 weeks left in this company.

Someone at work told me ‘you’ll get used to HK when you’re in HK long enough, and you won’t appreciate it that much anymore’. And that’s very true! Once you’re long enough in HK, you’re just another ‘ant’ in the crowd. =o

HK is a nice place to go to for shopping and eating, and people tend to think my everyday-life is like that. Haha I wish so too! Reality is: you’re working from 9 to 6 everyday, and after work you have utmost 3 hours to walk around before closing time (excluding eating and traveling). And in my case: in the long run I just wanna go back home to rest! Maybe it’s because I’ve never worked from 9 to 6 before, but I dunno, I think I rather see HK as a holiday destination^^

Also, I’m getting used to my work now. I know what to do, and what not to do. So I’m glad about that. I’m learning a lot here about life, about myself, and I’ve becoming pretty independent here in HK. I can proudly say that I’m not the same Jenny who left Holland 6 months ago.


Bling bling cars!

2010 May 28
Posted by C.Y.

Elements! SLK!

Haha i like this one!

Hun..?! xD

3,5 years anniversary~ <3

2010 May 28
Posted by C.Y.

Remember my laptop was broken? During that month (April), TP and me had  our 3,5year anniversary! Although I’m here in HK, TP, was sooooo sweeeeettt to sent me flowers on that day! ^^

MY card! =D

The ‘package’ with strawberries!

The flowers!!!! ^^


2010 May 27
Posted by C.Y.

Three weeks ago I went hiking! The weather was soooooooo good! =D


2010 May 27
Posted by C.Y.

Taiwan 101~ ^^


2010 May 18
Posted by C.Y.

I went to Taiwan (Taipei) with my colleague for 4 days! I was fun! =D

The tour brought us  to tourist places like 101, musea etc etc^^ Haha pretty normal tour I guess!

Some pictures:

So basically, this is how Taipei looks like.

Taiwan nightlife.

Oh!! Gotta say I <3333 the Helly Kitty gate at the Taiwan airport!!!! =D They even have Hello Kitty chairs!!! xD


2010 May 13
Posted by C.Y.

The plan was that I’d update my blog in the weekend, but I really couldn’t wait to let you see these CUTE bunnies!! I saw them in Taiwan at a local market, and took a picture right away! Haha then the salesperson told me not to take pictures -__-”

You’re lucky: I have one picture!^^ Keep in mind (for those who know how small my hands are), they’re as small as the palm of my hand!

Cuteness! =D

Laptop fixed! =D

2010 May 12
Posted by C.Y.

Finally! My laptop is fixed! ^^After 3 weeks programming in notepad (T___T) I can use my own laptop again!! Yay!=D

More updates this weekend:

- Taiwan trip

- Hiking pictures

My laptop is x__X

2010 April 21
Posted by C.Y.

Sorry peeps! My laptop got burned from the inside T__T

Gotta fix it soon!^^

..:: Update a.s.a.p ::..